Type of Appointments Available

To protect our patients and staff and in line with the advice from our professional body and the government we are temporarily minimising face to face appointments , all appointments initially have to be by telephone or video. 

What does a telephone/video assessment involve?

A 30 minute call or video costing £30 at a booked appointment time. During this appointment we will discuss details of your symptoms and carry out a physical assessment. Where possible a diagnosis and specific advice about how to best manage the condition will be offered at this point. You will have the opportunity to ask questions 

The call will typically be followed up with an email with self-help guides and tailored exercises.


Following this call you and your Physiotherapist may decide that a face to face appointment is necessary. If so the Physiotherapist will discuss the risks and benefits with you and offer you an appointment in clinic.


What does a telephone/video follow up involve?

A 30 minute call or video costing £30 at a booked appointment time to review of how you are managing with the prescribed treatment programme and to advise about progression or modification of treatment  as  indicated. 

What does a face to face follow up involve?

If after your phone call, both you and your Physiotherapist decide that a face to face appointment is the best way to manage your symptoms you may be booked into clinic. Face to face appointments cost £45. In order to minimise the COVID-19 risks to you, our staff and our other patients appointments are arranged with time between to allow for cleaning and to minimise the number of people in the waiting room. You will need to wear a face mask and your Physiotherapist will be wearing a mask, gloves and apron. Except where hands on assessment and treatment techniques are being used social distancing principals will be followed.

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